The XV of France and “Laportitudes”

Laporte-4Marconnet 1, 2 Szarzewski
Pape 4, 5 Pelous
Dussautoir 7, 8 Vermeulen
Yachvilli 9 10 14 Traille Rougerie
15 Laharrague
The opening match of Italy none of these 10 players did not hold. They were replaced by
1 Milloud, Ibanez
Thion 4, 5 Nallet
Betsen 6, 8 Chabal
Mignoni 9, 10 Traille
14 Heymans
15 Poitrenaud

Team France changed to two-thirds to three-month intervals is not nothing!
So who will hold the World Cup?
After we have touted the merits of Szarzewski, Pelous Vermeulen and Traille eg the point that they seemed to be essential to listen Coach Bernard is he able to tell us after the Roman triumph: Ibanez, Nallet, Chabal, Mignoni, thomas, Heymans and Poitrenaud, for example, can not be the first choice for the World Cup which is almost here?

Behind the door.

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“We have a chance to beat them. A Payment to be successful in all areas of the game, like them. Take the score and force them to discover. Their strength, trademark, it is the defense . They leave very little space. But we have also made progress in this area. ”

Bernard Laporte (the newspaper L’Equipe Saturday, November 11, just before the first test France New Zealand.)

Petition for Max Brito.

Mondial_de_rugby-57-In 95, during a match against Tonga, Max Brito, who wore that day the colors of the Ivory Coast, was the victim in a pool, a rupture of the spinal cord at the fifth cervical vertebra. His playing career has crashed due to this accident. Since then, he is in a wheelchair. And I do not hear about it. Does anyone know at least what it has become.the last time I heard from him was to learn that he did not afford the maintenance of its appreillage.

What did the rugby world for Max Brito from this tragic accident?

When he was injured, he was licensed to the French Rugby Federation. The organization of the 2007 World Cup Committee in France he had the initiative to involve Max Brito in the event? If he did not, I fight for this to be done as soon as possible. If Rugby assumes the values ​​it claims to defend this is the least that in his country of adoption Max Brito is integrated into the organization of the 2007 World Cup. We must find a non-job? .

In this blog, I opened a petition for that. What do you think?

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“I opened the petition for signature there a few weeks. To this day I have not seen any sign of former players or federal leaders. Maybe they just do not read this blog. I would at least know the opinion of the President of the FFR in relation to this idea. If you see it, do not hesitate to talk to him … ”

If you agree with this initiative, please know around you and in every forum you frequent and invite rugbyphiles to sign the petition in the comments box below this article. When I have enough support message to Max Brito I will follow the FFR and the organization of the World Cup Committee.

To sign the petition is simple: you add a comment to support this article and you give your name as you would any comment. And that’s all. This is the number of comments that will make the number of signatures.


French rugby patient doping.

Info Team: Pierre Bordry, head of the French Agency for fight against doping, the structure manages the logistics of doping controls as stipulated Lamour law of 5 April 2006, on Tuesday announced the results of checks carried out French rugby in the last quarter of 2006.

On these three months, 375 tests were performed (against 475 in all of 2005).Nineteen samples containing banned substances were recorded, nine of which are subject to prior authorization approval for therapeutic use. The remaining ten cases are positive for cannabis, specific substance prohibited in competition.

To this I add info as the following published in this blog in recent months:

In rugby, as elsewhere, the controls are triggered in part by the Ministry of Sport, from a list of competitions and teams that the Chairman of the Medical Committee wishes to see monitored.

The number of tests performed per 1,000 licensees in the 10 most controlled federations, rugby ranks 4th with (1.98%) positive cases behind cycling (14.78%), weightlifting (8.35%) and athletics (6.07%). In 2005 the levy for the 10 most tested sports cycling fell from 31.7% to 16.96%. They increased in rugby 4.79% to 5.39%.In 2005 there were 52 random checks on the 129 made in the Top 14. 95% of positive cases were detected during spot checks. The majority of positive cases because taking cannabis.

But for the first time appeared in 2005 cocaine and stanozelol. The most pernicious threat is permissions therapeutic use. 323 AUT have been requested by clubs Top 14 last season, including 62 for a single club.

Christian Bagate, chairman of the medical commission of the Federation pulled the alarm signal by stating: “We’re seeing in the environment of players and clubs of people who are not recommended.” (Source: Midol of 7 August 2006 ).

Press Conference Tuesday, September 12, 2006 Jean Claude Peyrin, the President of the Medical commsion of the National Rugby League. This is serious. He wanted to warn professional rugby players against the “mode” of use tyroïdiens products in the Top 14.

“We have realized during longitudinal follow-up. Energizing These products help to” dry “to remove the fat, but they can create enough thyroid.”

Longitudinal follow-up implemented in the Top 14 since the 2000-2001 season implies that each player is subjected to three laboratory tests annually on 29 parameters.

D2: and if there was a case Umaga?

We have a number of partners that support our rugby efforts. Show your appreciation by going over to and playing some great games.

Tana Umaga played 8 matches for so many victories. The only game he missed due to injury, Toulon lost at home against Tarbes.
His contribution was evident in the recovery of the team went from 11th to 3rd place. Then he left.
What will happen at the end of the season if Toulon qualified for the finals?

The first unqualified will he not entitled to find that the “passage” Umaga has distorted the championship?

A lawyer does not he will argue that top-ranked teams were opposed to Toulon before the arrival of Umaga or after his departure. And the National Rugby League has been lax in accepting this intermitent status show in the Championship Pro D2 granted to Umaga?

We will not do that day, in the presence of a dangerous precedent that could lead to each other and to seek arbitration by a tribunal?

XV of France: love Jacquet, even coach Bernard did, this should give morale Beauxis!

This Sunday, November 26th in Glasgow, the International Rugby Board is the best player of the year.
Nominees are:
Carter : New Zealand (defending champion).
McCaw : New Zealand.
Latham Australia.
0’Connell . Ireland
Du Preez : South Africa.


And where are the French? I found one. In the list of nominees for the prize for the best player under 21 is Beauxis an opener coach Bernard is stubborn to leave home during the fall tour to impose Traille to this post. A test that has not been transformed!

Why not Beauxis. “Too Young” had decreed coach Bernard early international season. As decreed too soft second row Jacquet just at the beginning of this series of three autumn tests.

Jacquet coach Bernard had said “too soft” to select the day of the disaster of Lyon in the first Test against the All Blacks finally made a freelance substitute in the second Test against the All Blacks Paris, then became a regular for test against the Pumas.

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Wondering about a player whose coach Bernard said the morning of Sunday, November 12 that it “would be criminal to select it so soon.”

Against Argentina Jacquet, former captain of the under 21 world champion this summer, is now 21 years 8 months and 8 days younger French player selected in the second line from Brouzet 19 March 1994 against Scotland at Murrayfield .

So here Jacquet is now beloved coach Bernard. But not yet Beauxis can still keep morale high as it is true that such a coach what is said is not necessarily what is done!

Technique: Game times or taken time to play?

On the occasion of the show “We Redid the tournament” I pointed out that the Dominici test against Wales was more the result of a personal feat that a combination of the XV of France.

My colleagues, who were attending the show, have pointed out to me that testing of Dominici had intervened after several time this game. And judged these times of game as an added value of modern rugby offering usury to pave the way to the test.

I objected that, often playing time was the time taken to the game, and nothing else. Mason brought water to my mill by noting that after all this time of game, the 15th of France had not progressed more than a metre.

So I have concluded that this way of playing would be tiresome. And that all these game time, it was the Rugby League rather than rugby union.

I therefore appeal to all technicians of our elite rugby: is there not another way to play the Rugby Union that multiplying the playing time that feed statistics but do nothing to make this attractive professional rugby?

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Argentina invited in the South do not want to lose the North.

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Mike Miller, who is the Director of the International Rugby Board has revived the idea of including Argentina in the Tri-Nations. You really have to be English to such a preposterous proposal. In January 2004 in Auckland I attended a seminar at the IRB had already considered this perspective. The conclusion was to say that this project was not realistic. Why?

Because, if Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, it is very far from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Just the cost of travel is a deterrent.

If the Pumas team is sportingly speaking competitive rugby is not popular enough in Argentina to fill stadiums, attract sponsors and especially attract television rights in the country of football. As a result the New Zealand, Australian and South African federations, were the analysis that integrating Argentina in a tournament in the southern hemisphere was more money to lose than gain.

Pumas overwhelmingly in his contract in European clubs it was not reasonable, given the inverted seasons, thinking that the best Argentine players were left by their employers at the disposal of their Federation during the period of this tournament .

Three years later I see nothing changed in the problem. So everything suggests that the revival of the good Mike Miller fall into the water as before. However I am surprised that the International Rugby Board does not propose to include Argentina in the tournament in the northern hemisphere. Why?

80% Pumas play in Europe, allowing the organization this weekend Barbarians match-Argentina.

Belgium offers a stadium and sports facilities as host matches “at home” Pumas within 7 Nations Tournament.

7 matches with the television rights would be revised upwards. Pumas receiving in Brussels is the assurance to complete the stage: the Eurostar and Thalys provisions being British and French supporters for routing in Brussels.

Marcello Loffreda coach Pumas, clearly supports this solution.

I see only advantages to this “Yankee” option. The only risk is that the Cougars eventually apply for citizenship … Belgian!

The day Bayonne and Biarritz will unite to become “Basque Force”.

The rivalry between the clubs Neath and Swansea is part of the history of Welsh rugby. That one day the two clubs merge was utopian. And yet that is what happened because of professionalism. An association was born under the name of Osprey, this raptor sea colors of both clubs: Black and White like as Neath Swansea. And it works!

Hearing the public chanting “Ospreys! Ospreys! Ospreys!” Sunday during the match of the European Cup against Stade French I was the finding that impossible is not Welsh. And inevitably I thought the merger Bayonne-Biarritz I guess inevitable in the medium term by the force of circumstances.

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Welsh What did the Basque eventually do. Sooner or later. So the question will be how to call the club born of a merger Bayonne-Biarritz? I immediately thought of “Olympic Rowing Basque”. But this is not realistic. Because, in order to go shorter, fans will be tempted to chant: Rowing! Rowing! Rowing!. And this would bayonner Biarritz. Which is of course unacceptable. Then comes the idea to name the club become “Basque Force”. This would have the look and nonsense?

must be brave to break the walls that enclose two historic clubs in their ivory tower. “Whoever puts his local pride in his pocket to accept a merger, economically necessary for the survival and ambition of the Basque rugby, showed” bravitude. “(Chinese proverb)
And why not as the Basques are braver than Welsh?

Tournament: Belgium Home Pumas earth.

In the event that the Pumas, who so insists, would be invited to participate in the Tournament, Belgium to host the selection of Argentina for all matches in this competition. 
Augustin Pichot, captain of the Pumas , will this weekend in recognition. He should visit the King Baudouin Stadium and the training center Tubize.
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